I can’t repost the images here, because they are copyrighted by the artist, but be sure to check out this series of photographs by renowned photographer Michael Soluri featuring many of the specialized tools used by astronauts on various missions. Beautiful photographs of intriguing instruments, some strange, others very close to what one might find in the average household toolkit….except valued hundreds of times more than their Home Depot counterparts.

And while you’re there, take a look at his wonderful portrait series of the STS-125/SM4 Hubble repair service mission crew. Soluri captures the people within the padded orange flight suits and cavernous space helmets amazingly well, reminding us of the faces that are often hidden behind reflective visors and the skilled hands at work from within thick, chunky gloves. Great work.

Soluri is co-author and picture editor of What’s Out There – Images from Here to the Edge of the Universe and Cosmos – Images from Here to the Edge of the Universe.

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