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SDO Moon Pass AIA 193 11-7-10
The Moon once again passed between the Sun and SDO on November 6

Holy lunar photobomb, Batman! In another brief occultation event the Moon snuck in front of SDO’s cameras on Saturday, November 6, this time passing across the orbiting observatory’s view of the Sun’s southern pole and southeastern limb in a diagonal motion. This happened previously on October 7… seems like the Moon doesn’t much like being upstaged!

The image above was taken by SDO’s AIA 193 camera, which is sensitive to light from iron ions in the Sun’s super-hot corona.

As I write this, the SDO team has also noted the event on the mission site. They note that the next lunar crossing will take place on December 6, and that these crossings are scheduled and accounted-for, helping them to “understand the pointing of the spacecraft.” (And here I thought I spotted a little surprise in the SDO video updates! Shows that science is always at least one step ahead. 🙂 )

Image: SDO (NASA) and the AIA consortium.


  1. Lauri says:

    SDO is getting mooned!


  2. Awesome!!!!!! Thank you


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