Jupiter: Guardian of the Solar System

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Here’s a great presentation made for the NOAA and NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center about the giant planet Jupiter, part of the Science of a Sphere series. It shows the size and power of the huge gas planet and how it dominates its region of the solar system. Indeed, if it weren’t for Jupiter standing as guardian of the inner solar system life on Earth may very well have never been possible!

Credit: NASA / NOAA / GSFC


  1. Brian Harrison says:

    Another stunning video. What lucky generations we are to see the planets and moons in such detail, and Jupiter, no matter how often we see it, it still is amazing and wonderful.
    Thank you for providing this – much appreciated.


    1. J. Major says:

      Thanks for the appreciation!


  2. Buy Essays says:

    Such a good share.. Wonderful, I appreciate .. Thanks for this video


  3. Patrick says:

    Very Awesome!!


  4. Chris Blair says:

    This is a spectacular presentation! Highly educational, wholly engaging, and beautiful. The music and voice-overs add so much interest and layer to the video. Kudos to all who worked on this!


  5. Pavan says:

    nice share bro


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