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Juno Launches!

(Can’t see the video below? Click here.)

Today, at 12:25 pm EDT, an Atlas V 551 rocket took off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base with the Juno spacecraft aboard, headed for the planet Jupiter. And I was there, along with 149 other “space tweeps”, watching from the press site at Kennedy Space Center. It was awesome, and here’s the video!

I tried to capture not only the launch but also the excitement of all those watching, as that’s definitely a big part of the experience.

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Shepherds Passing


Prometheus and Atlas

Prometheus and Atlas

Without as much as a wave shepherd moons Prometheus and Atlas pass by each other, each on their own paths around the rings.

Prometheus, casting a long shadow,  pulls at the F ring’s bands of material while smaller Atlas guards the edges of the A ring. The larger is 93 miles across at its widest point, the other is 23 miles wide. Both moons are irregularly-shaped, Prometheus extremely so.

The vertical banding visible in this modified raw image is a result of Cassini’s imager, not a feature of the rings. See the original image here.


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