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A River Runs Through It (and when I say “It” I mean Saturn’s moon Titan)

Radar image of Titan's surface from Cassini. North is left. (NASA/JPL/SSI)

Radar image of Titan’s surface from Cassini. North is left. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASI)

No, you’re not looking down at the Amazon or the Nile (although the confusion would be understandable)… this is actually a river on an entirely different world: Saturn’s moon Titan! Radar imaging by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has revealed what appears to be a long river system, complete with side-branching tributaries, meandering across the surface of Titan.

Of course on frigid Titan the river wouldn’t be flowing with water but rather liquid methane and ethane — quite literally a river of natural gas. Water on Titan’s surface stays frozen harder than rock and what’s a gas here on Earth is cold enough to be a thick, viscous liquid there, 880 million miles from the Sun.

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