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Curiosity Spots an Unidentified Object on Mars

Is this the smallest UFO ever?

While scooping its first samples of Martian soil NASA’s Curiosity rover captured the image above, which shows what seems to be a small, seemingly metallic sliver or chip of… something… resting on the ground. Is it a piece of the rover? Or some other discarded fleck of the MSL descent mechanisms? Or perhaps an exotic Martian pebble of some sort? Nobody knows for sure yet, but it may just be the smallest UFO ever recorded (that’d be Unidentified Fallen Object…)

Read more here.

UPDATE: the object has been tentatively identified as a bit of plastic originating from the rover itself. Read more.


Martian Lomography

Rocks and pebbles

Rocks and pebbles

Although not particularly exciting in theme, I like this image a lot for its light and shadow composition.

Taken on June 23 by the Spirit rover, this false-color view of the surrounding ground is nicely lit by a setting sun that also creates a glare in the lens. It’s not unlike photos I sometimes get with my plastic Holga camera.

It could be a photo taken at the end of a day on the beach, or in an empty sandlot in a southwestern US neighborhood…..except that it’s on another planet. The thin, dry air has no oxygen, it’s 50 degrees below zero and everything weighs a third what it would here.

Other than that though it’s pretty similar. 😉

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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