To The Moon

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This HD video is a wonderful overview of JAXA’s Kaguya SELENE (SELenological and ENgineering Explorer) mission, currently in orbit around the moon. After an amazing launch on September 14, 2007, shown here in stunning high definition, the probe entered orbit around the moon and deployed two remote satellites which communicate with the main probe. This mission is being conducted to research the composition and origins of the moon, and take a better look at its varied terrains with an integrated high-definition video camera.


The movies and images sent back by Kaguya are stunning, almost unreal, in their detail and unprecedented sharpness as the probe soars miles above the lunar surface. Next time you look up at the moon, think…Kaguya’s there. Filming in progress.

Learn more about the Kaguya mission at the main site here.

Video and image: JAXA/NHK