Waves of Sand


Spirit's Vista
Spirit's Vista

Like rust-colored ocean waves frozen in mid-motion, miniature sand dunes sit at the base of Pioneer Mound in this panoramic image, taken by the Spirit rover last month and assembled here by James Canvin.

Spirit has recently started traveling again after a two-week hiatus while engineers on the MER team tried to diagnose some computer problems on the rover. Its operational health seems to check out but the data and hardware issues have not been entirely explained.

Since its landing in 2004, Spirit has traveled over 4.8 miles in its investigation of the Martian surface.


Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/James Canvin


  1. Kim says:

    Only 4.8 miles? Looks like Spirit travels very slow…


    1. J. Major says:

      It does travel slow. It needs to make sure it doesn’t get stuck (which it has) or become incapacitated in any way, since there’s no one there to help it if it does. So it does everything slowly to be safe.


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