Heeeere’s Phobos!

After much anticipation, this just in: an amazingly detailed image from the March 7 flyby of Phobos!

Phobos flyby: March 7, 2010

As Phil Plait might say, click to emphobosize. 😉

See more info and a couple more similar images on the ESA’s Mars Express site.

Phobos sure has an interesting surface texture. It’s almost as if boulders have been bouncing across its surface in one direction, leaving trails of soft-edged depressions. Also I’m wondering what’s been discovered about it’s supposedly porous  consistency…stay tuned for more info.

ADDED 3/16: Here’s another new image of Phobos, looking “down” onto it’s north pole. Released today.

The northern half of Phobos.

Image credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

UPDATE: Some information from the Mars Express team on the possible origins of Phobos’ unique grooved surface.

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