May the 4th be with you…

Happy Star Wars Day! Now there’s a holiday I can really get into. 🙂 To celebrate, I felt that it would be appropriate to post about the most Star-Warsy object in our solar system: Saturn’s moon Mimas! Below is a repost from March 29, Now That’s a Moon!

Here we go again…

Mimas: Saturn's fully operational "Death Star" moon

This portrait of Saturn’s moon Mimas showcases its striking similarity to the Death Star (pre-proton torpedoes of course). The Cassini imaging team has been hard at work processing the images from [February’s] flyby and the results sure don’t disappoint!

On February 13 Cassini passed Mimas at a distance of 5,900 miles and took lots of high-res images of the 250-mile-wide moon’s heavily cratered surface. Especially prominent on Mimas is the 80-mile-wide Herschel crater, which dominates its northern hemisphere and gives it its definitive space-station look.

Great job Cassini team! Click the image for a life-size view (not really but darn close) and check out more processed photos from the flyby here.

Image: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute