Window on the World

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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to look out of the windows of the space station orbiting Earth at an altitude of 220 miles, watch this video! (Give it a few seconds to start up.) Expedition 25 flight engineer Scott Kelly gives us a tour of the station’s cupola, offering astronauts a 360-degree-view of the exterior of the station as well as a simply amazing view of the Earth below.

View of Madagascar from the ISS

These windows are where most of the images by Doug “Astro_Wheels” Wheelock, Soichi “Astro_Soichi” Noguchi and other twitpicking ISS photogs have been shot from. Check it out, it’s like being there!

(I know I’d simply get NO work done with a view like that.)

Credit: NASA


  1. omar vela says:

    Tan simple como “MIRAR AL CIELO”


  2. Mannan says:

    i’ll like to have a view from the ISS 😀


  3. Kim says:

    Amazing! Looks like “blue sky” above him. :))


    1. J. Major says:

      Yes but it’s actually BELOW him!


  4. james sheffer says:

    how far does space station go into space? is the brightest star at night the space station?


    1. J. Major says:

      The ISS is at an altitude of about 225 miles, give or take a few miles, above the Earth. It is within the layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere, which is the boundary of space per se. Technically it is “low Earth orbit”.

      The brightest star in the sky, at the moment, is actually the planet Jupiter. 🙂 But the ISS is visible on occasion as a bright point that travels quickly across the sky. It circles the Earth about 16 times a day!


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