Five Years of High-Resolution Exploration!

Happy Anniversary MRO! NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has logged five years in orbit around Mars as of Thursday, March 10. Five years after establishing orbit around the red planet the spacecraft is still doing well, performing wonderfully and continuing to return images and data about Mars that help scientists better understand its geology, history and varied landscapes. The information it has given us is also being used to plan the location of the next rover, the Mars Science Laboratory, which will land in August of next year.

Of course, I have featured many HiRISE images on Lights in the Dark as well! So thanks to the MRO and HiRISE teams for all their hard work these past five years!

Check out the video below, the latest “HiClip” from the imaging team at the University of Arizona.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And read more about the image at top at: HiRISE | Changes on Dunes in Russell Crater (ESP_021496_1255).

Credit: NASA / JPL / University of Arizona