Happy SUN Day, April 17th!

It’s Global Astronomy Month’s Sun Day – an astronomical appreciation of the beauty of our parent star!

In keeping with global astronomy month, it’s time to get out and enjoy another favorite astronomical target – the Sun! It’s a star that can be seen from both hemispheres and a great way to involve your friends, neighbors and family in the pleasure of observing. What’s more… there’s activity going on right now, too!

There’s lots of ways to observe the Sun safely on your own…read more on Universe Today: Sun Day, April 17th – Get Out And Enjoy!


  1. Nelly says:

    Hi Trinidad and Tobago experienced a very close view of the sun today at around 11.30 am by chance what phenomena is this? It was closer and brighter than usual and was truly magnificent.


    1. J. Major says:

      Since Earth has already passed its point of perihelion (being closes to the Sun in its orbit over the course of a year) I would have to say that any increase in the apparent size of the Sun in the sky is totally due to atmospheric effects, if anything. 🙂


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