The Final Countdown: A #NASATweetup Journal

#2: My video inroduction

So the folks over at The Space Crowd  are working on a video project and asked for some video submissions from the Tweetup attendees. I’m no videographer by any means but they just wanted a quick who-are-you introduction, where you tell everyone about your feelings regarding being chosen for the event. I figured, easy enough.

About twenty takes later, this is what I had.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s surprisingly difficult (for me anyway) to talk coherently for several minutes straight with nobody else there. Talking to a person about a topic is one thing, but I usually don’t talk to my computer (not counting the colorful speech reserved for when my Illustrator crashes and I forgot to save.) So it felt a bit unnatural, but it’s real, and I think that’s what they were looking for. For better or worse, it’s reality – and that’s what is so cool about the Tweetup events: it will be 150 real people, from all over the world, coming together to witness an amazing and historic event that will be remembered forever.

I tried to get that point across at some part of the video but my writer’s on strike so I did the best I could. 🙂

Check out more videos from other Tweeps at


  1. Brian Harrison says:

    A very well done video Jason, and it`s great to put a face to a name ! I wish you all the best at attending such an historical occasion, which you will, believe me, remember for the rest of your life !
    It`s sad to see the end of the shuttle missions, so that U.S. astronauts will have to ‘ thumb a lift ‘ to the space station from other nations, but that such cooperation is now commonplace is no small thing in itself.
    Well done once again, and for continuing this interesting and informative site.


    1. J. Major says:

      Thanks Brian….I am really looking forward to this!


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