Rolling Stones in the Lake of Death

Boulders rest in a crater valley on the Moon

No, it’s not the title of a B-movie starring Keith Richards, it’s an image of lunar boulders resting in a line within a valley on the Moon. This valley, located in the central peak of Bürg crater, is filled with boulders ranging up to 70 feet across that have rolled downhill from either side. The boulders’ paths are evident from the trails they left behind in the lunar soil (regolith).

Some boulders took a quicker, more linear route downhill while others made more leisurely and meandering paths.

The crater is located within a lunar region called Lacus Mortis, or “Lake of Death”.

This image is a section from a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter image; see the full scan here.

Credit: NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University.

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