Daytime Moon, Hello Venus!

Saturday Feb .25 brought a view of the Moon and Venus. (J. Major)

What a weekend for sky gazing! As promised in Friday’s article on Universe Today, Venus was visible during the daylight hours this Saturday, very close to the crescent Moon. If you had clear weather you too may have been able to catch a glimpse of the scene above, photographed from my location in north Texas at 6:35 p.m. local time.

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  1. Alex Autin says:

    It was an awesome sight here in San Antonio on Saturday…though cloudy all morning and in the early afternoon….it cleared up just in time!


    1. J. Major says:

      Awesome! Glad you got to see it!


  2. Michael says:

    Amazing pictures! There is also a lot of fire ball activity to last until April by a special class of space rocks that make it to about 50 miles above the Earth’s surface. I have seen a few ufo videos on Youtube with these.


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