A Blue Monday on Mercury

MESSENGER wide-angle camera image of Mercury's surface acquired July 5, 2011.

This latest image from NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft, now in its extended mission around Mercury, shows a color view of a section of the first planet’s rugged and sun-blasted surface.

The upper part of this view of Mercury’s surface includes a swath of material that has reflectance that does not strongly increase toward longer wavelengths, a property described as relatively “blue” in color. The bluish material also has lower overall reflectance than Mercury’s average surface. The terrain to the south and west has a more reddish color. A major puzzle of Mercury’s geology is the identity of the particular rock types that correspond to these colors.

See more on the MESSENGER site here.

Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington


  1. El Guapo says:

    Almost like being there…


  2. D. L. Nason says:

    Hello..Hello…intresting stuff too say the least…my interest lies with the reflectance of light by different elements…also too I am curiously drawn to the fact that some elements absorb light…These interests are new to myself…I would, “excuse the pun” appreciate any light you could provide as to which elements are which…Thanks Much ” ..” Live on & Prosper “…” Always & Forever ”



  3. Alex Autin says:

    Woohoo for MESSENGER!


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