Fragile Earth Puts a Century of Climate Change At Your Fingertips

Harper Collins' latest iPad app reveals our planet's changing landscapes

As a follow-up to the previous Wonders of the Universe i-app released by Harper Collins, Fragile Earth brings us back from the farthest reaches of the Universe to our own beautiful blue world, whose surface is rapidly changing due to the effects of human civilization.

With Fragile Earth those changes are brought to light with amazing satellite images and aerial photography, revealing decades of data with a swipe of a finger.

Released on April 19 and developed in conjunction with Aimer Media, the app is set to become the definitive reference guide for all those interested in science, nature, photography and landscape.

Fragile Earth combines some of the most powerful images of the environment, showing before and after scenes of our natural world. Through these thought-provoking portraits from across the globe, the app captures the world’s beauty, vastness and vulnerability. Detailed ecological snapshots depict rivers which have dried up or flooded, erupted volcanoes, glaciers in the process of melting, and cities sprawling outward.

Fragile Earth’s innovative swipe function allows users to see years pass under their fingertips – from as far back as 1914 to the present day – by dragging multiple photographic layers across their screen to reveal images of a site before, during and after the landscape has changed.

“We set out to create an app that would convey the innate and delicate beauty of the world’s landscape, while highlighting the dramatic shifts that are taking place across the globe,” said Jethro Lennox, Head of Publishing for Collins Geo, a division of HarperCollins UK. “Not only is the Fragile Earth photography stunning, but we’ve also included more than 50 satellite images which provide detailed ecological snapshots from around the globe. This information is invaluable to anyone concerned for the state of the Earth, or those who are merely curious about our environment.”

The app is available for download from the iTunes Store, and until midnight Saturday, April 28, it’s available for just 99¢ in honor of Earth Week (regular price is USD $2.99). So be sure to grab your copy today for your i-device!

Additional information provided by Harper Collins and Walker Sands Communications

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    Well well still a awesome app !!
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