R.I.P. Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space

Sally Ride and the crew of STS-7 in 1983 (NASA)

Sad news in space: Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, died today, July 23 2012. She had just turned 61 in May.

“Sally Ride broke barriers with grace and professionalism – and literally changed the face of America’s space program. The nation has lost one of its finest leaders, teachers and explorers. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sally’s family and the many she inspired. She will be missed, but her star will always shine brightly.”

– NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

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Image: NASA. Via The F***ing New Guys blog.


  1. IzaakMak says:

    Reblogged this on I Want Ice Water and commented:
    Such sad news. She was a true pioneer!


  2. Jeff Barani says:

    Yes a sad news but life continues.
    And the conquest of the Space also !!
    Jeff Barani from Vence (France)


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