Want to know where we landed on the Moon? This cool vintage NASA map shows you:

Map circa 1972 showing the Apollo landing sites (NASA)
Map circa 1972 showing the Apollo landing sites (NASA)

Apollos 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 all successfully delivered men to the Moon between the summer of ’69 and December 1972 (and yes, they most certainly did happen) but do you know where on the lunar surface they each landed? This awesome vintage map from NASA points each site out (and is a great lunar atlas as well.)

With four of the six planned lunar missions completed, this chart has been prepared to show the various areas of the lunar “nearside” to be visited by astronauts representing the NASA Apollo program. Apollo’s 11, 12, 14 and 15 are shown at their respective landing points. Apollo 16 and Apollo 17, planned for later this year at Descartes and Taurus Littrow, respectively, also are depicted on the map.

The map was created in March 1972, prior to the launches of Apollo 16 and 17.

All I can think is how good it would look printed large and mounted on the wall of my office. Yes…yes…. very good indeed.

Source: NASA: 2Explore on Flickr (Download a hi-res version here.)


  1. Anne Bonney says:

    Wonderful! Thanks.


  2. Dawn says:

    Definitely an inspiring piece!!


  3. tallbloke says:

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    Here’s a useful Map for our studies on the Lunar surface temperature. Thanks LitD!


  4. Леонид says:

    Очень интересно ! Никогда раньше не встречал местоположения всех посадок Апполонов вместе с датами.


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