Never Forget a Phase with this 2014 Moon Calendar

The very handsome 2014 Moon Calendar from Ashland Astronomy Studio on my wall.
The very handsome 2014 Moon Calendar from Ashland Astronomy Studio on my wall.

Looking for a great gift for your favorite astronomy fan (even if that happens to be yourself?) Then check out this very cool 2014 Moon Calendar from Ashland Astronomy Studio in Oregon — it shows you an entire year of Moon phases, eclipses and other lunar events so you’ll always be in tune with the Moon!

I’ve got mine up right now even though it’s a couple of months early… it looks that nice on my wall!

Available now at a special introductory rate — only $12.95 until Halloween (Oct. 31).

The Ashland Astronomy Studio Moon Calendar shows in monthly columns how the Moon will appear to North American observers for every date of the year.  Beautiful and sophisticated, this 36″ x 18″ poster is enriched with more features than any other calendar of its kind:

  • Moon phases are depicted in fine detail with shadowed craters.
  • Lunar and Solar eclipses are spectacularly portrayed.
  • The calendar also tracks the Moon’s position by constellation.
  • Conjunctions with bright stars and planets are noted.
  • Changes in the apparent size of the Moon, which vary from perigee to apogee, are precisely displayed.
  • An included Moon Calendar User’s Guide explains the calendar’s advanced features.

Order on Amazon here (and use code MOON2014 at checkout). Orders for three or more calendars get free shipping!

I like it because it tells me what kind of light to expect at night in the instance of an astronomical event, like a meteor shower. Since a bright full Moon equals not-so-good viewing, I know whether to bother planning to sit outside or not. Also it’s nice to know when there’ll be a lunar eclipse!

Also check out the Stars of the Northern Hemisphere poster — a great way to get to know your constellations!

Source: Ashland Astronomy Studio / Erik Anderson