This Beautiful Webcomic Shows Why Our “Mathematical Skies” Have Not Lost Their Wonder

Our newfound knowledge of
Our newfound knowledge of “what’s out there” has not reduced its fascination (Image © Boulet)

People of past civilizations had their own ideas of what the stars in the night sky are… distant campfires, lights shining through holes in a vast blanket covering the Earth, deceased ancestors, countless and constantly-traveling gods… whether or not they really believed these stories or if they were just tales to inspire poets and provide entertainment on dark nights is hard to tell. But one thing is for certain: we now know what those points of light really are, thanks to the past several centuries of hard work by astronomers, scientists, and engineers, and although that may make ancient tales about the stars obsolete it certainly doesn’t reduce the inherent wonder and beauty of the night sky – if anything, it has increased it many times over.

Recently French cartoonist Boulet illustrated his own lifelong fascination with space in a webcomic published on his site. In a Dante-esque fashion he takes the figure of French singer Georges Brassens on a trip across the solar system, showing him why science and rational thought have not chased away fascination and beauty along with “the old gods”, as Brassens sang in a 1964 song (which I was not familiar with.) “Eureka” was not a death sentence for wonder!

It’s a really beautiful comic, with brilliant timing and subtle animations to highlight keep points along the way. Don’t scroll too fast.

You can view the full scrollable webcomic here in English and/et ici en Français.

HT to Laurie C. for the link.


  1. Stormwise says:

    I don’t think the ‘old gods’ were ever much threatened by science, just one of the newer ones seemed to take particular exception for a while 😉 I think science is a great motivator when it comes to wondering … for every answer arrived at, there are always more questions that can be asked. We live, thankfully, in a Universe that seems large enough to hold any number of possibilities … science helps us to discover some of these faster, so we can move on to other wonders 🙂


  2. Jeff Barani says:

    Very beautiful, interesting and furthermore it’s a French webcomic 😉
    And for the Old Gods, They did not die. They sleep only…
    Jeff Barani from Vence (France)


  3. As Carl Sagan pointed out so many times, science and our understanding of the cosmos offers more awe than religion has ever provided.

    This is a beautiful web comic. Thanks for sharing!


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