What If You Had a Black Hole in Your Pocket?

What would happen if you somehow had a coin-sized black hole to play with? (Come on, you know you’ve been wondering about this.) Well, besides the fact that you’d quickly be dead (spoiler alert) a lot of things would happen—to you, to the world around you and, depending on the kind of black hole, to the entire planet. Munich-based design studio Kurzgesagt has created a handy informational video to illustrate what you can expect should you suddenly find yourself in possession of a miniature black hole*—check it out above, and find more fun info videos by Kurzgesagt here.

Also learn more about what black holes are (and why it’s important that we study them) in this PHDComic here.

*Private ownership of black holes is not recommended and is possibly illegal.**

**If not it should be. Contact your representative.


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