NASA Releases Mars Rover Game for Curiosity’s 4th Anniversary

NASA's new Mars Rover game lets you test your driving skills on the Red Planet.
NASA’s new Mars Rover game lets you test your driving skills on the Red Planet

Friday, August 5 marks the 4th anniversary of Curiosity’s landing on Mars and to celebrate NASA has released a video game that lets you rack up high scores while trying to drive a rover on Mars (warning: it’s trickier than it looks!)

The app, developed for NASA by Gamee, has you using arrow keys to move your Mars rover across the landscape of the red planet, taking science measurements along the way. But the 1/3 Earth gravity of Mars and uneven terrain make it no walk (er, rove?) in the park—you’ll be challenged to keep all your wheels on the ground and avoid tipping over, falling behind, or breaking a rim.

Happy 4th Landiversary, Curiosity!

If you’re proud of your score you can share it online, letting everyone know that you’re an excellent off-world driver (or that you still have your learner’s permit.)

Download the app for your smart device or desktop browser here.

Curiosity touched down on Mars at 10:31 p.m PDT August 5 (1:31 p.m. EDT August 6) in 2012. Watch a video of its final descent here, and learn more about the ongoing MSL mission here.

As of mission Sol 1417 (Aug. 1, 2016) Curiosity has driven 8.43 miles (13.57 kilometers) on Mars. How far can you drive?