Watch This Stunning Seamless Video of Earth From Orbit

Recently featured on Universe Today, this video of Earth from space assembled by video artist Phil Selmes uses actual photos captured from the Space Station, with some fancy editing to create seamless transitions between views. It’s another beautiful presentation of the fragile oasis we call home. “I don’t see politics, races, borders, countries, religions or differences,” Selmes said in…

Watch a Beautiful Timelapse Captured from Earth Orbit

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst spent nearly six months living and working in orbit aboard the ISS during Expedition 41 in 2014, and during that time he captured some amazing photos of Earth from the windows of the Station. Watch above as aurorae dance and shimmer, stars and satellites wheel overhead, and city lights shine below…

More ISS Awesomeness!

This just in: new time-lapses from the ISS, by way of the Image Science & Analysis Lab at Johnson Space Center and The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Enjoy! (Descriptions from JSC.)

A Beautiful Comet-rise at Dawn (VIDEO)

The video above contains a time-lapse movie of Earth’s horizon at dawn on December 21, showing lightning storms, stars, airglow… and the sungrazing comet Lovejoy rising above the atmosphere! (And I must say its new tail looks amazing!)

Around the World in 60 Seconds

Want to blow your mind? Watch this: Now watch it 14 more times for an idea of what the astronauts aboard the ISS get to see every day. No wonder after five months up there they still don’t want to come down! This gorgeous video was made by science teacher James Drake using images downloaded from…