Watch a Beautiful Timelapse Captured from Earth Orbit

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst spent nearly six months living and working in orbit aboard the ISS during Expedition 41 in 2014, and during that time he captured some amazing photos of Earth from the windows of the Station. Watch above as aurorae dance and shimmer, stars and satellites wheel overhead, and city lights shine below from the privileged vantage point of humanity’s place in space 265 miles high.

A combination of 12,500 photos taken by Alexander during his Blue Dot mission, this Ultra High Definition video shows the best our beautiful planet has to offer! (And for full effect watch in full-screen HD!)

Read more about Alexander’s adventures aboard the ISS on his blog here.

Video credit: ESA


  1. egehlin says:

    The shot of the Milky Way and the lightning in the thunderstorms were the highlights for me in this film. Absolutely awe-inspiring!!

    I’m going to visit Alexander’s blog right now.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

    Very Best Regards,


    1. JPMajor says:

      I loved everything of course, but I think my favorite was the release of the Orbital Cygnus capsule. Real spaceflight in action!

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  2. seepurple says:

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    Had to reblog this…Sooo Good, Sooo pretty!!!


  3. seepurple says:

    I had to reblog that. Very pretty to watch.


  4. bernquist says:



  5. Jeff Barani says:

    Great timelapse !!
    Thanks for sharing it 😉
    Jeff Barani from Vence (France)

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  6. planetjules says:

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    Amazing video

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  7. Kandy Crowe says:

    Think I’d need the sea-sick pills. As gorgeous as it is. Saving this one.

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    1. JPMajor says:

      Don’t worry there are no ocean waves in space!


  8. Sam says:

    Our planet is so beautiful. I love this and I often have the live video feed from the ISS running when I’m writing.


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