A Beautiful Comet-rise at Dawn (VIDEO)

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The video above contains a time-lapse movie of Earth’s horizon at dawn on December 21, showing lightning storms, stars, airglow… and the sungrazing comet Lovejoy rising above the atmosphere! (And I must say its new tail looks amazing!)

Comet Lovejoy seen from the space station, Dec. 21 2011. (NASA)

Comet Lovejoy recently survived a close pass around the Sun, traveling through the Sun’s corona and reappearing on the opposite side. It was expected that Lovejoy would disintegrate upon approach… turns out this newly-discovered interplanetary traveler is tougher than we thought!

The images for the time-lapse were taken by ISS Commander Dan Burbank, who goes on to describe his privileged view of the comet from up on high.

Credit: NASA