Three Little Moons

All in a row
All in a row

A little family portrait from the house of Saturn. Enceladus, Tethys and Dione.

Okay, they weren’t really all lined up like that….I combined three raw shots from Cassini, taken over the weekend, and lined them up nicely. Approximate sizes in relation to each other. Just for fun.

Great images though! Tethys’ huge 250-mile-wide Odysseus crater dominates its face, and Dione’s ice-wall “wisps” are clearly visible, as are its fields of craters.

For size, Enceladus is about 315 miles wide while Dione is about 700 miles wide. The largest of the three shown here is yet small enough to fit end-to-end within the state of Texas.

Raw images: NASA/JPL/SSI


  1. Gordan says:

    Nice one! Even the phases appear to match.


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