Rhea steals the scene!

In a bit of sisterly silliness, Rhea appears to have photojacked an otherwise lovely portrait of her big sister Titan in this image from Cassini!

An honest mistake, I’m sure….the smaller moon quickly realized her transgression and exited the scene shortly after:

Exit, stage right.


In all seriousness though, these photos illustrate the amazing differences in Saturn’s moons with Titan being unique as the only one to have an atmosphere…and an incredibly dense and opaque one at that. As Cassini snaps photos along the ringplane we have lately been treated to many wonderful images like these. I always enjoy the particular sense of depth and dimension they offer.

ETA: I couldn’t figure out if it was Rhea or Tethys sneaking behind Titan, but this colorized image by Gordan Ugarkovic from The Planetary Society’s post specifies it as most likely Rhea. 🙂

Images: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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  1. Bill says:

    What a great find. This is one of my favorite Cassini shots.


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