Jupiter Takes a Hit…Again!

July 2009 impact scars on Jupiter

Even as the Hubble team released the image above detailing the scars from the July 2009 asteroid impact on Jupiter, another object was on a collision course with our solar system’s giant planet…and Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley was at his station (yet again!) and captured an image of the impact! Read all about it on The Planetary Society’s blog.

“This was a large fireball, but it doesn’t seem to have left any mark, probably all gone in the upper atmosphere before it reached the clouds.”

– Anthony Wesley, Broken Hill, Australia

Anthony, as you may remember, was the one who first spotted the dark scar on Jupiter after the July 19, 2009 event…which, by the way, occurred the same week that the famous Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet struck Jupiter’s far side 15 years earlier. I guess it’s true what they say, when you’re hot, you’re hot!

More news on the June 3 impact as it’s announced! (And you can follow the topic on IceInSpace, a site dedicated to Australian amateur astronomy.)

ADDED: Astrophotographer Christopher Go also captured the event…see his video here.

ADDED: Anthony has included a photo and a link to a longer video sequence here.

Nice work Anthony and Christopher! (And props to Jupiter too…nice to know the big guy’s out there taking all the punches for us!)