Plume Zoom

Flying over Enceladus' southern plumes (click to play)

Check this piece of coolness out… it’s an animation made of 30 frames of raw image data captured by Cassini during its August 13th flyby of Enceladus. It shows the little moon’s signature ice plumes erupting from fissures in the surface of its south pole as the spacecraft approaches. Neato!!!

Enceladus' Icy Geysers

I saw it on The Boston Globe’s September 15th Big Picture post which featured a bunch of great images from current space science missions, but I haven’t found out yet where the original animation was published. (The credit is Space Science Institute but I don’t see it on the CICLOPS site.) Regardless, its very cool! Way too good not to share.

(If it’s not animating just give it a click. 🙂 )

Image: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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