Stars and Stripes (and Titan!)

A color-composite RGB image of Titan, with a sliver of the rings and a scattering of stars in the background, taken by Cassini on October 18, 2010 from a distance of over 1.53 million miles. At 3,200 miles in diameter Titan is larger than the planet Mercury, boasting a complex – yet chilly – atmosphere ten times deeper than Earth’s.

This image is a composite of raw images taken in the red, green and blue color filters from Cassini’s camera, as well as a UV filter for extra luminosity and a continuum band (CB1) layer for detail in the equatorial cloud cover. The original raw image can be seen here.

Image credit: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute. Edited by J. Major.


  1. Office Lamps says:

    Again, this pciture is awesome. It amazes me how they can take such clear pictures from somethign so far away. Thanks for all the photos.


  2. RJ White says:

    Thanks for the great color composite picture of Titan. Can’t wait till we get back. But they better hurry up as I’m 75 and not getting any younger. Regards.


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