Enceladus and the E Ring

This is really great…an out-of-the-box raw image from Cassini showing Enceladus jetting along inside the hazy, diffuse E-ring.

The spacecraft was over 414,000 miles away from the 300-mile-wide moon when this was taken. As a bonus we get a nice scattering of background stars too! This is one of those images that would have been ruined with any sort of editing…it’s best enjoyed RAW. 🙂 (For a really nice edited look at Enceladus in the ring, check out this recent post featuring an image by Gordan Ugarkovic.)

Image credit: NASA/ JPL / Space Science Institute


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  1. Wow, on my laptop screen I can even make out the G ring inside the E ring. There’s so much stuff in the “space” of the Saturnian system; between this and low Titan flybys one has to wonder what Cassini’s windshield now looks like!


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