Lovely Leonids

Animation of 2010 Leonid meteors. © Li Kim Goh. (Click to play.)

It was cloudy in my neck of the woods last night so I missed any Leonids I would have seen (not to mention the ever-present bubble of light that surrounds my city), but it was nice and clear where my friend Li Kim lives and she was enthusiastic enough to get out and capture some pictures of the meteors, which she assembled into the animation seen here!  She managed to get quite a few smaller ones as well as a bright one on camera…nice job Kim!

Read more about the 2010 Leonids on Universe Today.

Animation © Li Kim Goh. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Li Kim is a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, paper artist and generally talented person. Some of her illustrations and photos can be seen on here.


  1. In observing the Lovely Leonid photo it appreared to me that the two halos preceeding the the meteorite were detonation waves from the sonic booms produced from the breaking of the sound barrier. Also the figure on towards the the image of the moon is what we refer to in the explosives world as the ” detonation wave angel”. The light reflecting off the moon, from the sun, helps to show the waves as they destort the atmosphere. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks for the photo.


    1. J. Major says:

      I believe what we are seeing is merely an artifact from the moonlight reflecting in the camera lens. I think it gives a nice photographic effect to the scene.


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