The Search for Alien Earths

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Fifteen years ago we didn’t even know there were other solar systems. Now there’s been over 500 planets discovered orbiting other stars in our galaxy, with new ones added to the list almost weekly. Scientists using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, NASA’s orbiting Kepler spacecraft and other telescopes are on the hunt for another planet that resembles our own…and getting closer every day.

What would such a discovery mean to us here on Earth? How would we take the announcement that a life-harboring planet has in fact been found? And what are the odds that it is even possible? The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Kofsky reports on this in the video above, and interviews several prominent members of the scientific community. Enjoy!

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  2. Brian Harrison says:

    Fantastic, and thank you so much for providing it for us to view. We don`t receive a lot of ‘ space ‘ news here in New Zealand, I mean, it ain`t rugby !
    It is well put together, easy to understand and marvel at – great stuff 🙂


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