A Sense of “Scale”

Here’s a very cool animation by motion designer Brad Goodspeed, showing what our night sky might look like were some of the other planets in our solar system at the same distance from us as the Moon. (About 240,000 miles / 384,000 km.)

Wait for Jupiter to make quite an entrance…

While watching the video of the lunar eclipse I posted the other day I was looking at the curvature of the earth’s shadow on the moon. It made me think about how large the earth might look if an exact copy of it was up there instead of the moon. Soon curiosity got the better of me, and I was animating!

Thanks Brad! Great work, if you ever add any more of the planets in I’ll be sure to share that here as well!

See the video on Brad’s blog post here.

Animation: Brad Goodspeed / Music: ‘Where We’re Calling From’ from the album ‘The Last Broadcast’ by ‘Doves’.


  1. Patrick says:

    Really gives you an idea of how tiny Earth is!


  2. Infinitewell says:

    Great video, there! I wish he had put Saturn in as well. Seeing the moon cross the entire width of the rings would have made a fantastic effect.

    And what’s with the Earth spinning the wrong way?



    1. J. Major says:

      Yeah, Brad was aware of all that stuff when he posted the video. I’m not sure he knew it would get so much attention! Still, it’s a cool visual experiment!


    2. kayla carter says:

      lol this is amazing


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