A Fistful of Moons

Cassini caught five moons in one image on January 11, 2011

This image from Cassini shows no less than five of Saturn’s moons in the same frame: Rhea (1,528 kilometers, or 949 miles across) is largest in the foreground; Dione (1,123 kilometers, or 698 miles across) can be seen just above the rings below Rhea near the center; Prometheus (86 kilometers, or 53 miles across) is just barely visible in the rings to the right of Dione; Epimetheus (113 kilometers, or 70 miles across) is to the right of the rings and Tethys (1,062 kilometers, or 660 miles across) is on the extreme right below the ringplane.

Cassini was approximately 61,000 km (38,000 miles) from Rhea when this image was acquired.

Read more on the Cassini mission site here.

Credit: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute