“Wonders” App Takes You on a 3D Tour of the Universe

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If you’re a fan of space, you may have seen the BBC/Science Channel series “Wonders of the Universe”, hosted by the award-winning physicist Brian Cox. Professor Cox’s natural enthusiasm for astronomy is nothing short of infectious, and his explanations of far-out concepts help bring the amazing mysteries of our Universe down to Earth for anyone to understand and enjoy… and now he and HarperCollins UK are bringing it to your iPad and iPhone!

Never before has the sheer breadth of the Universe been opened up for interactive exploration on the iPad. Animated graphics and high-resolution images (optimized specifically for the new iPad 3) enable users to discover a spectacular array of 3D marvels of the Universe, from the beauty of the lagoon nebula to the daunting vision of a black hole sucking down a hapless star.

WONDERS is designed for people with any level of understanding of astronomy, from casual explorers interested in the aesthetics to those looking for an educational experience. Users can travel with Professor Brian Cox on his personal tours through the Universe — or jet off on a solo voyage of discovery through the planets of the Solar System to local stars and onwards through the galaxy.

Additionally, the app takes full advantage of the extensive capabilities of the new iPad, using a powerful 3D engine capable of handling high-resolution textures and complex animations created exclusively for iOS5.

Bring the Wonders of the Universe and Prof. Brian Cox to your iPad with this new app from HarperCollins UK

Key features include:

• Seven apps in one, all of which are linked 3D environments to explore: Subatomic, Atomic, Local Stars, Solar System, Milky Way, Galaxy and the Universe

• High-resolution images optimized for New iPad screen resolution

• Two-and-a-half hours of BBC video from Brian Cox’s award-winning series

• 210 full color articles that tell the story of the Universe and reveal its wonders

• Hundreds of detailed, galactic photos

• ”Pinch” and scrolling capabilities to zoom and grasp the magnitude of the universe and our place within it

The full text from the Collins books Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe are also included in the revolutionary publishing platform. A simple, scrollable column of text introduces rich media elements – video, image galleries and interactive graphics – at appropriate moments in the narrative. Videos and images seamlessly expand as you glide through.

To download the app, visit the Apple store on iTunes here. The price is currently USD $6.99.

An iPhone version will soon be available at a lower cost.

(Info provided by HarperCollins UK and Walker Sands Communications.)


  1. DJ Busby says:

    Thanks for sharing. I put it up on my site too. Looks like an app that will change a lot of people for the better if it catches on.


  2. Jeff Barani says:

    Wowww !! Awesome app 😉
    I hope only in french version… soon !!
    Jeff Barani from Vence (France)


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