To The Moon! Apollo 11 Liftoff (HD Video)

Apollo 11 seen from the launch tower (NASA)

On this day, July 16, in 1969, a Saturn V rocket — still the most powerful rocket ever built — launched Apollo 11 on its historic journey to take astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the Moon — the first two becoming the first humans to ever step foot on another world four days later.

The video above is the original NASA broadcast footage of the Saturn V launch from Kennedy Space Center (look for the shockwave at 1:14!) Below is something even more incredible — a remote camera video from the pad showing the rocket launch close-up, at 500 frames per second!

Check it out:

This is a transfer from the original 16mm film, provided by Executive producer Mark Gray narrates.

Truly the Saturn V was an impressive machine — almost as impressive as the spirit of the over 450,000 people across the country who helped make the Apollo program a success. To this day, 43 years later, it’s one of humanity’s most amazing achievements.

Viewers watch Apollo 11 liftoff from the press site at KSC (NASA)

Videos: NASA and Spacecraft Films


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  1. That HD launch video was awesome!


  2. Yeah a really achievement that this Apollo program !!
    But it’s pity that this program didn’t go to its term…
    Jeff Barani from Vence (France)


  3. WOW !!!! The ingenuity and beauty of the almost half-century old engineering is so impressive even today (the thousands of gallons per second washing over the launch pad!). Thanks so much for passing this along. I passed the link by email to a bunch of relatives….


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