Ring Shadows Surround Saturn’s South

Color-composite Cassini image of Saturn (NASA/JPL/SSI & J. Major)
Color-composite Cassini image of Saturn (NASA/JPL/SSI & J. Major)

Cassini gets a great look at Saturn’s southern half in this color-composite, assembled from raw images acquired on July 13, 2013.

Click for a larger view in my Flickr stream (the original raw images were only 1024 px, so it’s still a little grainy.) I adjusted the channel histograms quite a bit to achieve a more natural — albeit brighter — “Saturny” coloration.

In this rotated view, Saturn’s south pole is just off frame at lower right. The barely-there bands of the innermost D ring can be seen silhouetted against the planet at top center.

See this and more color images of Saturn here (and don’t forget to smile at Cassini this Friday, July 19!)

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  1. Dee Flores says:

    J. P. Major the Flickr composite images of the colors of Saturn are absolutely stunning!! I am left completely bedazzled. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us. Looking forward to seeing more of these amazing works.


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