It’s Officially 2016 and Officially Time for a New Calendar

These are the calendars you're looking for.
These are the calendars you’re looking for.

If you just looked at your calendar and realized you’re literally out of days (Happy New Year!) then it’s way past time to get yourself a new one. And if you love space, these are the ones you’ll want.

Produced by Starry Messenger Press in conjunction with The Planetary Society, the 2016 Year in Space calendar is (like its predecessors) a gorgeous 16″ x 22″ (40.5 cm x 56 cm) work of art filled with over 120 images of space exploration and hundreds upon hundreds of bits of information about everything space. Sure it tells you what date it is like any other calendar, but no other calendar I know gives you so much great information about cosmic objects, astronauts and scientists, worlds of our solar system, and daily space exploration history. If you love space then you owe it to yourself to get one of these on your wall NOW. (I just put mine up and instantly learned that Ceres was discovered on this day in 1801!)

And, because Lights in the Dark has your back (and its illustrious author is not only mentioned on the inside front cover but this year was also responsible for writing all of the 53 photo descriptions on the desk version) you can get a discount by mentioning that you saw it on the internet. Order details are below:

ORDER HERE and click “Internet” to get a Year in Space wall or desktop calendar for just $13.95 USD! Now that’s a deal.
And if you buy in quantity, you’ll get additional savings.

Feel free to (i.e., please) add in the comments that you saw it here on Lights in the Dark.

I’ve been using these calendars since 2013 and I love them. I think — no, I know — you will too. Get yours today.

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  1. they are really cool!

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    1. Jason Major says:

      They really are. Kudos to Steve Cariddi and the Starry Messenger Press!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    After thousands of hours studying about science just about astronomy I consider that the big bang theory is just wrong because after big bang would of be impossible two things organic life and perfect DNA particles due to the immense billions of degrees Fahrenheit of degrees that this explosion would of produce at the moent of the explotion well if we talk about about an intense power of explosion gravity took an important roll in the process so that means gravity and dark matter existed before the big bang otherwise how a single particle could of be suspended out of nothing if gravity would not exist to give birth to such as explosion which now is considered the birth of life…


    1. Jason Major says:

      I suggest taking a couple of hours to study the use of punctuation.


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